DemonsI had such great hopes for May 1, 2019. I was going to be a Mental Health Superhero Advocate Champion Survivor Warrior. I was going to be bold and courageous and tell my illness that it had to take a back seat for the next 31 days because I had work to do; I was going to spend the next 31 days being bigger than my illness and breaking the stigma and ending the silence and more. I was kicking butt and taking names in my head. And then I woke up; hands shaking, heart racing, legs like jello – some warrior! I felt like the demons that made me tired yesterday hadn’t bothered to sleep last night. A member of my tribe sent me this two years ago, while I was training for my first (and only) 15K. It carried me today, just as it has many, many days since.

As the first day of #MentalHealthMonth comes to a close, I’m still here. And I’m going to stay here. And we’re going to stay here together. And show our scars. And tell our stories. And when we get tired, we’ll lean on our people who will remind us of our bravery. And we’re going to do all of it without shame. My story, your story, our stories Are. Not. Over. and they deserve to be told! Let’s do this, Warr;ors.

The devil whispered “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.” The warrior whispered back, “I am the storm.”

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273 TALK(8255) Crisis Text Line: 741-741

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