3 day weekends…

largeI love my boys. Seriously, they are my heart and soul but they are 14 and 15 (almost 16 – ugh!) and sometimes make me want to run screaming from the house. About 75% of the way into a 3 day weekend, I understand why Chely Wright wrote a song about a woman who went out for cigarettes and kept driving. Then I start wondering why it was that I quit smoking when it was a perfect escape for a mama who needs a reason to step away for a moment to herself.

It’s February in Ohio which can either mean it is pushing 70 and sunny, 45 and pouring rain or 30 and snowing. Since I hate, completely despise and have no use for the cold, 70 and sunny is my daily wish in February but today 32 and annoying pellets of snow was our reality. Our boys will typically layer up on a day like today, head to the heated and covered driving range and smack 100 golf balls (or more). The only problem is our oldest sweet boy broke his thumb 2 weeks ago playing basketball and it’s a little challenging to hold a golf club while wearing a cast. I say all of that to make this point: I am at the end of my rope and am shocked that I have not pulled every strand of hair from my head. Around noon today, we all hit the “You are on my last nerve.” wall and I secretly cursed My Fave for getting to go to work.

Why I chose today to deal with stuff that was going to require patience is beyond me. For new readers, I spent a large part of my professional life in retail so when I get frustrated about this kind of stuff, it isn’t actually directed at the poor CSR that gets stuck with me on a chat or phone call but they don’t let people like me talk to the idiots who make the ridiculous policies and decisions that their people are then forced to uphold, no matter how ludicrous they may seem. My first call of the day was to our medical insurance provider who gave us an expected increase in our premiums this year but also an increase in our Rx co-pays. To add insult to injury, 2 of my psych meds were a $5-7 co-pay last year and the exact same meds (generic and all) have both jumped to $25 each. “Yes Mrs. Miller, I understand that you’re frustrated but these are the terms of your renewed policy.” Super grateful to have coverage and to be able to afford a 200% increase in the cost of my meds – what about the people who can’t? Which of the 20 elected lawmakers who have decided to run for president and are now campaigning is fixing that? How about y’all worry less about running Amazon out of town and more time taking care of the people who put you in office? How about you stop tweeting from the Oval Office and get to presiding over the country?

That call was followed by an online chat with our internet provider. Our contract was up and somehow it was going to cost them $50 more per month to provide us with the same service. Only I didn’t want the same service; I wanted to dump the cable (we have never even used but got because the “bundle price” was better) and increase our internet speed. A brand new customer could do just that for half of what I was paying and double their internet speed. After 25 minutes, I negotiated a 50% increase in speed, with no cable TV bundle, for $10 less than my original “bundle” pricing and will spend a 4 hour window at my house on Thursday waiting for what I am guessing will be a 10 minute service appointment. I’ve spent the day trying to figure out why exactly a company in an industry like this one, doesn’t just throw the “rule book” out the window and declare that “never again will our current customers have to ask for the best pricing because they are always going to get our best pricing”. Wishful thinking I know but goodness they would have to work hard to lose a customer if that was their pricing philosophy!

I escaped the house for a quick run up the street to get essentials for the crazy diet My Fave is on and to restock the essentials needed to feed my “chapstick” addiction. While at our local “big box” drug store, I asked about their price adjustment policy. I’d purchased 40 boxes of valentines for our elementary schools last week so that kids whose parents didn’t or couldn’t buy them valentines to exchange would have some. I didn’t want to return the ones we didn’t use because we’ll need them next year but we’re a small non-profit and the valentines are now 70% off, so I inquired about getting a price adjustment – that $30 bucks could be put to better use for our kids than sitting in my garage until next Valentines Day. The cashier’s quick no was second only to her response when I asked if I would be better off just returning and re-buying them: “Or you could just save them until next year. But thanks for what you are doing for those kids; it’s nice of you.” An online chat with corporate reinforced the “No, you can’t get an adjustment.” and went further to say “Returns and repurchases are against policy as well.” So tomorrow they are all going back. They can put them on the shelf at 70% off and we’ll buy items our kiddos need at the “big box” grocery store who was more than happy to make the adjustment on the items we bought from them but didn’t use. It really doesn’t have to be this hard.

51wXQe2gFrLIt’s late. Okay, it’s 10:15 but it feels like midnight. Thank You, Jesus that there is not enough snow in the forecast for a snow day or even a delay for tomorrow – Mama needs those boys to go back to school so she can deal with the rest of the chaos and not be interrupted by “Where are you? Dude, where are you? Res me, res me!” followed by, “Mom have I earned enough allowance to get a $25 Xbox card? V-bucks for 2K19 are on sale.” I’m not sure which Microsoft executive’s kids/grandkids/great-grandkids we are putting through college but y’all are killing me! Going to bed with one of my favorite books by one of the funniest Jesus-loving humans I “know” (Sherri Lynn is Brant Hansen‘s sidekick and they are Christian radio personalities that remind us it’s okay to love Jesus and still have the urge to punch folks)!


Tomorrow might actually be a John Crist You Tube binge-watching day; would be good for me to hear “Check your heart” a few hundred times.







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